Hysteria continued then Pee and Poo.

Hello world.

So.. the hysterical saga continues. When alone I am still an emotional, hormonal mess but now I've thrown window shopping into the mix, so that's progress right?

My maid of honour "Audrey" took me out on a date yesterday. She knows I've been incredibly stressed with the wedding and so she sent a cab to my house which brought me to the Hilton. We had 45 minute massages, played in the hot tub, pool, sauna and steam room and then went to the restaurant downstairs and had a beautiful three course lunch :) It was SO relaxing.
What a wonderful friend.

We then went to Selfridges and tried on wedding shoes and met our friend (let's call him "Geoffrey") in the evening for a drink. It really was a lovely day.. I totally forgot to cry and everything.

My bachellorette party is now 4 weeks away. I am both excited and nervous in equal measure. My girls have kept the whole thing under lock and key and I know absolutely nothing. They keep insisting it's in a mud hut and will tell me no more than that... I don't even know how many people are coming. There will be a meal in our city on the Friday and then we will be off somewhere else for the weekend.
I am so excited I could wee.

Speaking of wee, have you heard of this?

This is a legitimate thing ladies and gents. Pee and Poo are Swedish plushie toys people actually buy for their children. 
If you go to their website the first thing you're greeted with is a little flash animation of a pissy, shitty rainbow made of murky water, with these two clowns at the end blowing fart and wee love hearts at you.

What the fresh fuck???

Why is this happening?

And why can't I stop googling? I am fascinated by this.
Why would you turn bodily waste into toys? And why stop there?? Why not Snot... or Bile? Or CAPTAIN EJACULATE.


Anyway, enough of downstairs produce.
Back to the wedding....
My mum, Bob's parents, Bob and I all went back to our venue last Sunday afternoon for our menu sampling session. It was great... and very tasty.
We have decided on a cheese and leek tart,  roast rump of lamb and a chocolate and Seville orange bread and butter pudding to finish. 

I'm terribly excited.
This whole Mooish wedding is coming together rather nicely. Surprisingly enough, all the stressful aspects of this process have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that we are an interracial Jewish/Muslim couple.
Well, I must confess I never saw that coming.
Being with Bob and spending time together with our families is the simplest part. It's so easy to love him and live our life together.

It's just the logistics of planning a wedding that are kicking my ass.

I'm currently in the process of writing up the "script" for our religious blessing. We are incorporating lots of different bits of the Jewish and Muslim wedding ceremonies tied together with lots of explanation so as not to overwhelm anyone.
I have a rough idea of how I'd like it to go and our Mums have had their input... it's just a case of tying it all together now.
I will post up the finished article on this blog eventually. If not just because there was NO frame of reference on the internet to help us out with this. I figure we will pay it forward for all the other Mooish love-birds out there who want to put a ring on it.

Speaking of which.. I must be off children.. I've got things to do.
I'm very busy and important you know.

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  1. Best wishes for your forthcoming wedding. You have to calm down and say to yourself that it's only one day and if something doesn't turn up or go right then as long as you get married that's the main thing. My daughter is getting married next year and I so hope she doesn't start stressing I really couldn't cope I may give her airline tickets to be married on a beach somewhere.


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