First Kiss Stories

No matter how together we may be as fully-fledged adults, at one point in our lives, each of us experience that synonymous moment of vulnerability. That exhilarating few seconds that transform you from a perfectly normal person to a bumbling mess of nerves and excitement, lingering on the possibility of what might happen next.

After writing a blog post about my first kiss, I wanted to create a space where the equally mortified could share their embarrassing and / or electrifying tales. Whether yours is a tale of romance and excitement or cringe-worthy shame and despair, the First Kiss Project invites you to share your story.

To make a submission, DM me @cocoapatootie . Or you can get in touch via email at You can tell your story in your own words or, if you prefer, via a question and answer form. Anonymity is, of course respected, we just require a picture of your feet :) 

Stories so far:









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